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We run our company on a very different model than most photo companies. Revenue is often made off of printing your photographs and holding the rights to your photos. You pay a very small initial "sitting fee" but then you have to continually come through a middle man for reprints accruing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars based on what reproductions you may need going forward. That may work for some but it's not our message. We have a passion for making great memories, period. We realize that if we do a great job, you will always come back for future family milestones and you will refer us to friends and family for our impeccable work. Therefore, you get ALL of your photos every time. You can print at your leisure and you can also buy your rights to reproduce. After all...they are YOUR pictures and we are not going to hold them hostage. 

We believe in transparent pricing! The price quoted is what you pay for your sitting fee, a disc with ALL your unedited photos and ten complimentary edits (additional edits are $15 a photo). One photo shoot usually consists of 100-150 raw shots that all belong to YOU. Other services are available upon request, ie lashes, make-up, etc. Ask about these ala carte services at your FREE consultation.

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